We're going to be starting production of the audio version of Already His soon, and I'm getting the 'script' ready for my readers. I really love the job that Victoria and Dennis do, and if you like them as well, drop me a line and I can give you their contact info if you're interested. (Or their links are below if you scroll down!)

You do know that I'm on Facebook, right? Here's my author page on Facebook, BUT the new news is that I have been working on a group for readers of The Caversham Chronicles, so you can see some of the stuff that I've found inspiring of characters and scenes, etc., AND you can ask me questions about the stories and characters. This all started because of a letter I received from a reader who had a few questions about the story, and I replied to her. That letter sparked and idea for me, but I kind of let it sit on a back burner until I took CJ Ellison's Facebook Marketing class through Author EMS. I highly recommend both CJ's classes (she's a great instructor,) and Author EMS. Amy and Co. are simply awesome with a two shots of fabulous!

Anyway, I have been building the group, and am about to take it "Live" in the next few days. I'm compiling my playlists for each book (and they're really long!) but as soon as I add those to the files section, I open it and make the group public. I hope to see you there!