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But, that's not all...

posted Jun 27, 2015, 10:41 PM by Sandy Raven
I'll be releasing a Boxed Set of the first five books (okay, four and a novella,) towards the end of summer. In it will be the short story that will be a lead-in to the next generation of books. That series, while still a part of The Caversham Chronicles, is titled The Titans of the Revolution. I'm working on those books now, and while the books are NOT finished yet, I do have covers for the short story and the first book. But I'll have a cover reveal for those at a later date. (The 3 girls' cover is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! Just wait!)

And here are some gratuitous cat pics because I've been kitty sitting my grandcats this week. Hmmmm... It seems only one of the three pics came through. I wonder why. Anyway, this is Ditto, and he's rubbing his face on everything this week. He has to remind the dogs that he was here before they were. :-D