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~~~~~ COVER REVEAL ~~~~~

posted Jul 31, 2015, 12:31 AM by Sandy Raven

Here THEY are, the covers for The Caversham Chronicles boxed set, including the new short story, WHAT THE FATES DECREE. This short story is the set up to my next two books in the series. The first one is FATED LOVE. If you'll notice there are three heroines, and there will be three heroes. I just couldn't do this story any differently. After all, Isabel, Charlotte, and Penelope have been best friends since they were in leading strings. It only made sense that they find love with three friends! You might also notice the series title is THE TITANS OF THE REVOLUTION. It's the Industrial Revolution. My heroes are hard-working, hard-playing, young, up-and-coming magnates of industry. They're independent, forward-thinking, risk-takers, unafraid to bet it all on love.

And they're just what my three little heiresses need.

TTFN! I have a book to finish!