Wow! Has it really been this long since I updated the News? I am so sorry! I will have to do better.

Would you forgive me if I told you I have exciting news? Because I do.... LOVING SARAH, Book Three of The Caversham Chronicles should be available for purchase on Monday 2/24/14. I can't say if it will be a.m. or p.m. yet, but I've been guaranteed to have the files back from my formatter before the end of the weekend. So barring any errors or complications, it will be made immediately for sale digitally, starting with Amazon, then going through all the vendors as the day progresses. I should be done with upload by the end of the day Monday. Also keep in mind it *can* take up to two weeks for the book to be available at some of the stores (like Apple's iBookstore.) But in my experience it has never been that long.

And I have other news too. :-)  I have been invited and have agreed to participate in a multi-author boxed set, due to be released at the end of July (I think.) And I have decided to write a new story for this, rather than tear apart another collection I have that I wanted to publish as one book. That said, I'm writing Cav and Amelia's story because I've had quite a few people ask to see it, so I'm doing it! 

When I first started to get requests from people for this story, it felt odd to me to write about a couple that dies before the start of Caversham's Bride, because you know Ren had to lose his father in order to become the duke. But as I conceived this series, I always knew that Ren had a great relationship with his dad, because... hey... it's my idea of a Romance! Also I've promised my husband (my biggest fan!) I will not take that novella so far into the story that you see them in the fight of their life with Cav's nephew (and Ren's cousin) Thomas, but rather it will end with their Happily Ever After. I'm outlining the story right now and got some great inspiration from a friend of mine today to help me with a sticky plot problem.

I will be signing at the Romantic Times Convention in New Orleans in May, and at the Literacy Signing Event at RWA National Convention in San Antonio in July this year. So if you're there, come by and say "Hi!" I always love meeting readers!