Once again our annual RWA conference was great success. I love San Antonio, and have been many times when I lived here in Texas. The best thing about conference is seeing my friends that live all over the world. Our conference is like a gathering of girlfriends who talk online to each other, but really only get to see each other this one time a year. We take workshops put on by some of the best and most knowledgable in our industry, we compare notes, talk shop, and plan career strategies all while consuming minute amounts of alcohol.

Wait, I lied.... We consume massive amounts of alcohol. 

And then we cheer for each other at the awards ceremony and vow to try again next year. Maybe then we'll be lucky enough to get a nomination or, if we are so blessed, win that coveted Golden Heart or RITA.

We come home after each conference with a *glow* from too much food and too many ideas. And we promise ourselves we will implement those new ideas into our next book, and/or our business strategies. That's what I'm trying to figure out right now. I'm plotting out a new series for an editor (and friend!) that asked, and am trying to work the first one into my calendar for 2015... along with the other two books and novella already planned.

So it looks like the next few years will be busy indeed. But it's a good kinda busy. Really it is.

At the Lady Authors' party! (from left: Jennifer McQuiston, me, Vicky Dreiling, Ella Quinn)