News? Why, yes! I have news!

The novella I wrote during March has been edited, revised, given a title and is about to be released on June 30th. MISS AMELIA LANDS A DUKE is a part of the SEDUCTIVE SUMMER NIGHTS boxed set with six other very talented authors. This is what I posted (below) on Facebook and G+, then did a shorter version for Twitter.

Grace Callaway, Sabrina Darby, Jennifer Haymore, Sue London, Kate McKinley, Sandy Raven and Vivienne Westlake would all like to invite you to share in a few Scandalous Summer Nights. Available 6/30/14 at all major e-bookstores.

And here is the lovely cover done for us by Carrie at Seductive Designs:

Isn't it just fabulous? I'm beside myself with how beautiful it is. And, from what I've read of my co-participant's stories they are just as fabulous as the cover! I do hope everyone enjoys our SEDUCTIVE SUMMER NIGHTS offering. It'll be on sale on 6/30/14, just in time for the Fourth of July weekend!
Also here's a pic of my Ridiculously Cute Puppy on his four-month b-day!

He sees one of the two foot rests to my two Adirondack chairs that were carried off the deck when my lake flooded in all the rain last month. They're all the way in the corner of the inlet (top of the pic)... waiting for my husband to go get them. (I would do it but there's snakes in there and I don't like snakes!)