Caversham's Bride is now available as an audiobook, from Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. The audio version was a labor of love, not just for me, but also my husband who helped coordinate the hiring and did a great deal of the administrative interactions with ACX, our voice partners Dennis Kleinman and Victoria Mayers, and myself. While I was plowing through my edits for Already His, Curtis was handling stuff that would have forced me to stop my forward progress on edits.

If you haven't heard a sample, please click here and listen. I knew I wanted to do something different if were going to do audio one day. I'd only heard a few audio books, and being an avid reader, they weren't quite the same experience.  For me, to hear a man doing the voices of several women in one scene was awkward to listen to. And conversely, to hear a woman doing several men, was equally odd. When I would imagine doing an audio for my books, I'd always envisioned the old style radio programs but thought that was unfeasible with a large cast. I'd hunted around on the web, found a group (Full Cast Audio) that did children's books, epic fantasy-type books, and some sci-fi with a full cast, but even that full cast was only a handful of very talented voice actors! But, more importantly, they didn't do Romance novels in this manner.

So I proposed this idea to Curtis, and then to Dennis Kleinman when he agreed to be my partner and voice actor. He recommended a lady he'd worked with before, and Curtis and I loved her voice from the minute we heard it. We were lucky to get Victoria Mayers to agree to work with us. She has, as does Dennis, such a wide range of character voices in her repertoire that even with all the different nationalities and accents represented in that first book, I had no worries that they could pull it off.

Now I think they more than pulled it off. They did a fantastic job with it, and I hope you like it enough that you'd want to buy it. But more than that, I hope all romance audiobooks are done this way in the future. It will keep some of us from nodding off while listening. Seriously. That was the main reason I didn't listen to them in the car while driving. Working out on the elliptical, yes. Driving to town, no.

Just imagine if more books (especially erotica romance!) were male/female casted... there'd be some hot flashes going on behind the wheel! Yep. I might could handle that. ;-)