All audio files for Caversham's Bride have been approved by myself and the voice actors. This means the audiobook will soon be available for purchase at Audible directly, or from Amazon. Their in-house verification/approval process can take up to two more weeks from what ACX said yesterday in our phone conference. Now... Forgive me, but I have to gush a minute and tell you all how very proud I am of how this has turned out. I've heard a few audiobooks over the years, admittedly not many, not because I didn't like them, but because I'm a reader, not a listener. So, when I started looking at doing audio for my works, I wanted something that brought the book to 'life' more than having one person narrating it. Go ahead, call me a child of the television era, but I needed characters playing off one another for the full experience!  ;-)  Listening to one person create a cast of characters just didn't do it for me, especially listening to a male voice actor do a group of females all on 'stage' at the same time. It was rather comical listening.

Anyway, long story short, I auditioned and hired two film actors, Dennis Kleinman and Victoria J. Mayers, and they have done an absolutely wonderful job with portraying Ren and Lia on audio. I love the job they did, and working with them was fabulous and easy.

Until it's available, here's a downloadable sample (mp3) for you to listen to. It should be available very soon.