The leaves are changing color here in Central Virginia. I love autumn. It is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the nip in the evening air, as the temps slowly get cooler, the scent of crops harvested, tilled soil, and hay put away in the barn for winter. But I think my favorite thing is the fact that we don't have to ride the tractor or mowers for about seven or eight months. Stupid, I know....

A while back I promised to be better about updating my website, and that hasn't happened. I should probably keep a calendar and put that down as one of the 'things to do' each week. But which calendar do I put it on? I already have so many calendars that I have to consult each one when I can't remember which calendar I put what on. There's the one on my desk (which gets lost under the ever-growing pile of  'stuff'), the one on my phone (which I actually forget to consult), the one on the fridge (granted, the most important one, but still not updated as much as I should because I'm not always in the kitchen when I make an appointment,) and the one in the feed room (it has the family feeding schedule for the outdoor babies.) None of them is completely accurate, though none is actually inaccurate either! Thus the dilemma. There are scraps of paper all over the place from the various notepads around the house. I'll write something down, tear it off and... LOSE IT! Organization? You gotta know by now, it's not my strong suit!

Anyway, as you can probably guess, I have NEWS! (It seems that's the only time I update, huh?) MISS AMELIA LANDS A DUKE will be available for purchase on 10/1/14 as a standalone novella. It has been available since 6/30 as one of the novellas in the SCANDALOUS SUMMER NIGHTS boxed set, but that agreement was just for three months and (sadly) our boxed set comes down on 9/30. But I'm ready to go, and there will be no lapse in availability. Here's the wonderful cover created by Kim at The Killion Group. Isn't it just fabulous? My oldest daughter is doing the formatting and we should have a completed file before the end of the weekend.

But that isn't the only news I have, though I don't have a completed cover yet (I still need to write my back cover blurb,) LUCKY'S LADY, (The Caversham Chronicles, Book Four) will be released in November. Not quite sure about the date yet, but I'm hoping for Thanksgiving week AT THE LATEST. If I can get it together before that, then I might make it a birthday present to myself and take a few days off!

If that isn't enough, the audio version of LOVING SARAH is in production. I've heard snippets and the fabulous Dennis Kleinman and Victoria Mayers have nailed Ian and Sarah. Ian is an American, born of Scottish parents and forced to live in England to prepare for the day he inherits his grandfather's title. So the accent wasn't exactly the easiest to manage but Dennis nailed it. He is doing a fabulous job. Anyway, that will also be on sale at some point this autumn.

And as soon as I get those edits for Lucky's book off my plate, I'll get back to work 'my girls' (book five.) Sometimes I think I've bitten off more than I can chew with that one. I have a vision and a plot, but sometimes my characters don't behave the way I want them to. (Though after raising two real daughters I can deal with it.)

In closing, here is gratuitous pic of handsome puppy who will be seven months old in a few days. This was taken just moments ago. He's grounded and is in puppy time out because he chased new kitty into the bedroom. Attila knows he's not supposed to chase the cats. He learned this very early on. But new kitten (#18) arrived Thursday and is still frightened of big bad Attila the Pup, so when I let Attila back in, kitten ran and Attila chased. Bad Attila. You're grounded.

Here is pic of ridiculously cute #18. He still needs a name, though I'm leaning toward Burt (because I have an Ernie) OR Samuel for Samuel Clemens. (Ernie is actually named for Ernest Hemingway.) About four or five cats back we ran out of names on the CATS playbill, and started going with American Authors. We have Ernie and Zane (Gray) and I think this is likely to be Samuel. (But he and Ernie are such buddies, it sounds natural to call him Burt!)

That's it for right now. Can't think of anything I've forgotten. Have a great week! And if I'm not back for a few months, well... that's about normal for me. Isn't it? You can be sure I'm working--either writing or taking care of the babies, but I'm working!