What the Fates Decree

Dear Reader,

When I was thinking about the story for the next book, I went back and forth about how to do a story for the three girls christened at the end of ALREADY HIS. I could have written three novellas, or shorter books, and made more money, but that wasn’t the story that came to me. You see, these three girls grew up best friends, and I kept coming back to this one story that had all three young ladies in Scotland, watching half-naked Scotsmen play rugby—through the bushes of course, because single young ladies of good breeding weren’t supposed to be doing that in this time! Isabel, Charlotte, and Penelope do everything together, so it just made sense that they would fall in love at the same time (with different men, of course!)
I admit the plot sounded odd when I told my husband and some of my writing friends. They didn’t understand why I wanted to do it this way. But it made sense to ME. In fact, I couldn’t do it any other way. I really did try!
Anyway, I started writing parts of this short story as my notes explaining the mothers’ motivation for sending the girls to a month-long house party in Scotland. Then I decided to do this Boxed Set and thought readers might enjoy these notes. So I organized them, and made them into a story as a way to set up the next few books.
That’s what I hope this short story does, and I hope you enjoy it.
Look for FATED LOVE next summer. I’m not finished writing it, so I don’t feel comfortable giving a release date yet. The best way to keep up with my progress is by following me on Facebook, or visiting my website.
Thanks for reading my work!
Sandy Raven