My Inspiration

The entire Caversham Chronicles was inspired by Timothy Dalton. You see, I fell in love with him in the movie Wuthering Heights when I was a teenager and have seen almost everything he’s been in. It also didn’t hurt that I had a very active imagination and had been an avid reader and writer since I was a child.

The inspiration for Caversham’s Bride actually came from a movie of his I watched a long time ago called The King’s Whore. I loved Timothy Dalton in that movie, but  it didn’t have the happy ending I wanted. So I began to think about plots and how I’d make the king (Timothy Dalton) have a happily-ever-after. At this point, I’d already written three contemporary romances, two targeting Harlequin Romance and one targeting Silhouette Desire.

Early on in my career I had the absolute good fortune to work with a few critique partners who were way more talented than I. Several of them suggested I try writing an historical because they thought my ‘voice’ was more suited to it. I have to confess here that historical romance always was, and still is, my favorite subgenre.

Back to the king and his whore.... As I thought about a plot for an historical romance, I realized I couldn’t write one with a king. Kings just weren’t the thing at the time. But hey, dukes were hot, so I made the man a duke! Then I started to think about a heroine and how close to making her a whore I could get and still have her be a romance heroine. Now this is the mid-1990’s, and ‘fallen’ women weren’t popular romantic heroines at the time. So I began to devise families for the two characters and circumstances to bring them together and (of course!) have them fall in love. That’s when I came up with the idea to have her trained for a life in a harem.

After I started writing the first book, Caversham’s Bride (originally titled, The Duke’s Heart,) I started to think of a book for Michael. It wasn’t until I was writing the Epilogue that I started to “see” Michael with Elise. But I did nothing with it for a while. When The Duke’s Heart sold to a small e-press, I had an editor who loved the idea of Michael and Elise and encouraged me to write that story. After I started it, that publishing house folded. At about the same time my parents became ill and my home life needed more attention with two active teenagers. So writing went on a back burner for a number of years while I finished raising my children and flying back and forth to Texas to help care for my parents. I did write sporadically, finishing Already His and starting Loving Sarah, but never submitting, because I’d promised my husband I’d see the kids out of high school before I “went back to work.”

In the summer of 2010, my baby graduated from high school and I started polishing the series, even writing two more books in it and outlining several others. I loved the family I’d created and wanted to see them all well-settled with a romantic happily-ever-after.  Hopefully I did that, and I hope even more that you enjoy them.