eThe Caversham Chronicles
Caversham's Bride
, book one of The Caversham Chronicles
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Marcus Renfield Halden, Ninth Duke of Caversham, has the weight of the world on his shoulders. He’s the head of an independent family shipping conglomerate worth millions, and from his father he inherited a revered ancient title. After an attempt on his life, he begins to suspect his cousin (and his one-time best friend,) of killing his father and stepmother in a calculated pursuit of the title and fortune. This sets in motion a series of events leading him to quit England for a time, while investigators look for his cousin.  While away he meets a woman who will change his life forever, forcing him to reconsider his idea of what a marriage should be. She teaches him that you can have passion and love with a wife if you're willing to open your heart to it.

Already His
, book two of The Caversham Chronicles
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Lady Elise Halden has known since she was eight years of age that she would one day marry her brother’s best friend, Michael. She just had to convince him they were perfect for each other, then he would go down upon bended knee and pledge his undying love for her in return, and they would live happily-ever-after. At least that was how it happened in her dreams. Only the new Earl of Camden was proving more difficult to convince in real life than in her girlhood fantasies.

To Michael Brightman, the new Earl of Camden, his friend's little sister was always a precocious minx to avoid. Until one day Michael realizes Lady Elise is all grown up and the things he wants to do with the lady are surely going to upset the friendship with her brother.

Loving Sarah
, book three of The Caversham Chronicles
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Adventure-seeking Lady Sarah Halden didn’t intend to land on the wrong boat when she decides to stow away on her brother’s clipper for the trans-Atlantic sailing race he’s entered. Instead, the boy she hires to ferry her out to Lucky's boat leaves Sarah on the wrong boat, and in the company of her brother’s business partner, Lord Ian Alexander, for the coming weeks. She finds the surly American, descended of a noble Scottish family, rather handsome, but his manners leave a great deal to be desired. In spite of that (or because of it!) she is attracted to him in ways she'd never been attracted to a man before. When they reach New York and the half-way point of the race, instead of simply returning to England with her brother-by-marriage, Lucky makes Sarah and Ian marry because she's been compromised, and could possibly be carrying Ian's child. 

Except Ian isn't ready for a wife and family yet. He has a plan, and marital bliss was still a few years down the road. But, while away on a tea run to China, he realizes he misses Sarah and that she was right, you cannot plan when to fall in love, you just have to grasp it and take what it offers while you're fortunate enough to have it. Upon his return to England, he discovers Sarah a very different woman than the one he left nine months earlier. She has no memory of him, and Ian tells her they will make new memories, hoping the old ones return. Only he doesn't want the old ones to return because if she remembers the callous way which he treated her, she would probably want nothing to do with him. His fears are realized when she regains her memory, and Ian has to work all the harder to win his wife back.

Lucky's Lady
, book four of The Caversham Chronicles
Coming in Fall 2014

Lucky Gualtiero arrives in Baltimore to visit a highly recommended shipyard that builds the speedy clippers named for that town. He is surprised to find the architect designing these ships for this builder is a young woman whose intelligence and independence spark more than just his intellectual interest. Mary-Michael Watkins married the elderly owner of the shipyard to take advantage of the education and position in society which he provided. But the one thing her husband cannot give her is the child of her heart. As he realizes his illness is going to take him, he tells his wife that if she wants a babe, she will have to go outside the marriage.  Mary-Michael chooses the English Captain to father her child, with the intent to raise the babe as her husband's. Except Lucky is completely unaware of this. As a man to whom family, loyalty and love are more than mere words, he's beyond angry to discover he was duped into fatherhood. Now, as the village in which she was raised accuses Mary-Michael of murdering her husband in order to be with the English Captain, it's Lucky that must come to her rescue and save both Mary and their child.

Miss Amelia Lands a Duke, a novella of The Caversham Chronicles
Coming in Summer 2014 with other great stories

Caught kissing a man she believes within her reach socially, Amelia discovers he isn’t. Not only that, he is same man her widowed aunt has been stalking all season. When the Duke of Caversham realizes who Amelia is, he does the honorable thing and offers for her. Only Amelia’s pride will not allow her to be forced onto any man in marriage. Cav must then convince Amelia that she is the only woman he wants for the rest of his life.